Lana Del Rey Telescope Necklace

Posted: Aug 15 2015

Songbird Lana Del Rey clearly hired a brilliant stylist for her latest music video, High by the Beach.

She's frolicking around in a gorgeous gown perfectly accessorized with a brass Telescope Pendant lost identical to Sweet Harriet's design.

She's beautiful. She talented. She's high by the beach and tormented by the paparazzi.

(Watch till the end as she lets the paparazzi know how she really feels ;)

Sweet Harriet's Telescope Pendant is hung on a dainty antiqued bronze chain.

If you have your heart set on looking just like Lana send me a message and we'll change the chain for you :)

Get your very own Lana Del Rey Telescope Pendant


*sorry this product is SOLD OUT 



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